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Joel's 69 Ranger
My dad bought this truck in 1970 at a small used car dealership in Albemarle NC. It had a set of Dodge Lancer hubcaps and whitewalls on it. He bought it and sold it several different times over the years. Finally, he traded it in on a used 76 Ford wrecker in Monroe, never expecting to see the old truck again. 12 years later, to the very day, he was driving through Monroe, and just happened to see his old truck parked in the front yard of a service station with a for sale sign on it .. That evening, My dad, my little brother and I went to take the old truck for a test drive. Dad gave the ex owner exactly the same amount of money that he was allowed on the truck in the trade for the wrecker, so he more or less just lent it to the guy for 12 years. That was in about 1991 or 1992. He put a shiny new paint job on the truck and was rather proud of it .. I bought it from him in 1993 as my very first vehicle. I got my liscence on September 29 of '94, and was racing a ditch on December 13, and the ditch jumped out in front of me... ( You believe me, right? haha)  Well, it was patched up enough to drive and get me back and forth to school. Then about 8 years ago, I decided to do the truck justice.. I took the truck completely apart.. I mean completely.. Every nut and bolt, every removeable part was taken off and a full frame off restoration was dome by my father and I. I am so very proud of this old truck, and so is he.. I very much treasure the time that we have been able to spend working on it ..