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July 5th Outing at Reed Gold Mine and FOAC Picnic 2008

22 FOAC members attended the club outing at Reed Gold Mine. Members toured the mine which was 50 feet below the ground and only 5 feet above the water table. The temperature in the mine was 60 degrees but as members started up the very steep steps to exit the mine the temperature steadily got warmer. Once members emerged from the mine, it was time for a sit down break and then they walked the trails looking at the various parts of the mine above the ground. It included the foundation for the old steam house, the remains of the boiler, and the stamping building. Members then went panning for gold. Several members found pieces of gold but Ryan Travis cleaned up with 18 pieces in one pan.

After the mining trip, members went to Pat and Keith Suddeth's house where they were joined my more members bringing the total to approximately 35. Hamburger's and hot dog's were on the grill with several side dishes and desserts on the table. After the burgers and dogs were served a few members found their way to one of Pat and Keith's couches for a quick nap. There was a constant threat of rain with a couple of light showers at the start of the picnic. As the cookout started to come to an end the skies finally opened up.

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