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Charlotte All Ford Show

Thanks to all who attended the Charlotte All Ford show at Metrolina this weekend. We didn't get an accurate count, but we believe we had at least 12, if not more FOAC cars there. Plus, there were other members there as spectators. Hopefully the show was a success for the guys staging it, so we can do it again in the future. FOAC had 4 winners; Frank DeFeo-"Best In Class", and Jerry Sellers, Joe Picirillo, and Buster Moore won Popular Vote-"Very Cool Car" awards. Congrats go out to the winners. We also picked up 4 new members, so a big welcome goes out to them!

101_2700.JPG (293kb) 101_2702.JPG (278kb) 101_2703.JPG (229kb) 101_2704.JPG (238kb) 101_2705.JPG (261kb) 101_2706.JPG (253kb)
101_2707.JPG (263kb) 101_2708.JPG (261kb) 101_2709.JPG (264kb) 101_2710.JPG (260kb) 101_2711.JPG (250kb) 101_2712.JPG (267kb)
101_2713.JPG (275kb) 101_2714.JPG (280kb) 101_2715.JPG (275kb) IMG_0868.JPG (275kb) IMG_0869.JPG (260kb) IMG_0870.JPG (284kb)
IMG_0871.JPG (280kb) IMG_0872.JPG (281kb) IMG_0873.JPG (297kb) IMG_0874.JPG (259kb) IMG_0875.JPG (283kb) IMG_0876.JPG (286kb)
IMG_0877.JPG (264kb) IMG_0878.JPG (282kb) IMG_0879.JPG (274kb) IMG_0880.JPG (262kb) IMG_0881.JPG (328kb) IMG_0882.JPG (334kb)
IMG_0883.JPG (283kb) IMG_0884.JPG (333kb) IMG_0885.JPG (320kb) IMG_0886.JPG (295kb) IMG_0887.JPG (310kb) IMG_0888.JPG (304kb)
IMG_0889.JPG (313kb) IMG_0890.JPG (301kb) IMG_0891.JPG (286kb) IMG_0892.JPG (312kb) IMG_0893.JPG (301kb) IMG_0896.JPG (320kb)
IMG_0897.JPG (297kb) IMG_0898.JPG (305kb) IMG_0899.JPG (302kb) IMG_0900.JPG (288kb) IMG_0901.JPG (276kb) IMG_0902.JPG (324kb)
IMG_0903.JPG (290kb) IMG_0904.JPG (277kb) IMG_0905.JPG (333kb) IMG_0906.JPG (291kb) IMG_0907.JPG (267kb) IMG_0908.JPG (284kb)
IMG_0909.JPG (283kb) IMG_0910.JPG (327kb) IMG_0911.JPG (289kb) IMG_0912.JPG (331kb) IMG_0913.JPG (332kb) IMG_0914.JPG (329kb)
IMG_0915.JPG (314kb) IMG_0916.JPG (281kb) IMG_0917.JPG (290kb) IMG_0918.JPG (311kb) IMG_0919.JPG (327kb) IMG_0920.JPG (284kb)
IMG_0921.JPG (294kb) IMG_0922.JPG (298kb) IMG_0923.JPG (300kb) IMG_0924.JPG (312kb) IMG_0925.JPG (268kb) IMG_0926.JPG (251kb)
IMG_0927.JPG (252kb) IMG_0928.JPG (236kb) IMG_0929.JPG (297kb) IMG_0930.JPG (266kb) IMG_0931.JPG (287kb) IMG_0932.JPG (260kb)
IMG_0933.JPG (259kb) IMG_0935.JPG (349kb) IMG_0936.JPG (246kb) IMG_0937.JPG (267kb) IMG_0938.JPG (274kb) IMG_0939.JPG (285kb)
IMG_0940.JPG (289kb) IMG_0941.JPG (279kb) IMG_0942.JPG (308kb) IMG_0943.JPG (329kb) IMG_0944.JPG (325kb) IMG_0945.JPG (290kb)
IMG_0946.JPG (299kb) IMG_0947.JPG (277kb) IMG_0948.JPG (288kb) IMG_0949.JPG (260kb) IMG_0950.JPG (312kb) IMG_0951.JPG (292kb)
IMG_0952.JPG (328kb) IMG_0955.JPG (271kb) IMG_0956.JPG (264kb) IMG_0957.JPG (277kb) IMG_0958.JPG (273kb) IMG_0960.JPG (297kb)
IMG_0961.JPG (219kb) IMG_0962.JPG (321kb) IMG_0963.JPG (385kb) IMG_0964.JPG (398kb) IMG_0965.JPG (291kb) IMG_0966.JPG (367kb)