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Coke 600 Race Week 2009

With a variety of events happening in the Concord, Charlotte and the Mooresville area during the Coke 600 Race Week, FOAC members had plenty of things to choose from.

Wednesday a couple of members attended the RoushYates Parts open house.

Thursday some members attended the RoushFenway fan appreciation day getting autographs and checking out the race cars, 2010 Mustang GT and a couple of the 2010 Roush 427R's. The Aflac Monster Car from the Carl Edwards/Aflac commercial was even on hand.

Friday members attended the Yates Racing fan appreciation day in the morning getting more autographs, pictures and checking out a few different race cars including the inside of Yates Racing. Doug Yates even signed up as an FOAC member.

Friday afternoon more members attended the open house at NEMCO Motorsports in Mooresville. Unfortunately Joe doesn't drive a Ford but members still attended. FOAC member Jason Miles is helping Joe so we went out to help support him. Deb Miles who has been ill lately even made an apperance. Joe took Deb's Roush aka "The Princess" for a little test drive coming back impressed with the sound and performance.

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