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Dallas and Helen Talbert Show 2009

It was a beautiful day for a car show as FOAC members Dallas and Helen Talbert hosted their 3rd annual show at their home in Concord. Around 200 cars and trucks came out to enjoy the music, great food, and hang with friends. FOAC had about 20 cars in attendance, and signed a few new members. Unfortunately, none of our folks won, but we all had a good time. Awards were given to the Top 25, with judging duties handled by the "Good Ole Boys" car club.Thanks to everyone that attended.

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101_1640.jpg (38kb) 101_1641.jpg (41kb) 101_1642.jpg (42kb) 101_1644.jpg (40kb) 101_1645.jpg (40kb) 101_1646.jpg (42kb)
101_1647.jpg (37kb) 101_1648.jpg (37kb) 101_1649.jpg (33kb) 101_1650.jpg (44kb) 101_1651.jpg (45kb) 101_1652.jpg (37kb)
101_1653.jpg (38kb) 101_1654.jpg (40kb) 101_1655.jpg (28kb) 101_1658.jpg (36kb) 101_1659.jpg (30kb) 101_1660.jpg (39kb)
101_1661.jpg (38kb) 101_1662.jpg (36kb) 101_1663.jpg (39kb) 101_1665.jpg (42kb) 101_1666.jpg (33kb) 101_1667.jpg (46kb)
101_1668.jpg (35kb) 101_1670.jpg (38kb) 101_1671.jpg (39kb) 101_1672.jpg (36kb) 101_1674.jpg (41kb) 101_1676.jpg (36kb)
101_1677.jpg (31kb) 101_1678.jpg (42kb) 101_1679.jpg (35kb) 101_1680.jpg (40kb)