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We had to contend with PINKS being at zMax Dragway, IHRA's Nitro Jam at Rockingham, an economy that's terrible, and a temperature that reached 88 degrees but felt like 100 but the FOAC Blue Oval Classic still drew almost 100 cars. For those that chose the FOAC Blue Oval Classic we thank you.

We had a couple special attractions this year as Ken Schrader sent his 1955 F100 wrecker to the show for a display but FOAC president Buster Moore entered the wrecker in the show and it won 1st in class. Lee Holman brought his 1964 Fairlane race car and Lee spent the day with us. We also had a 1 of 1 HolmanMoody S197 Mustang. Thanks to Ken and Lee for their support. Charlie Farr also brought his 1960 HolmanMoody Falcon Rally car.

FOAC Blue Oval Classic also hosted a Fairlane Club of America mini-meet.

A special Thank You to our sponsors Young Ford, RoushYates Parts, Carolina Pony Cars, and 3D Performance. We would also like to thank our vendors for their support of the FOAC Blue Oval Classic.

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