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Food Lion Fall Auto Fair 2009

The Food Lion Fall Auto Fair was definately a better experience than the Spring Auto Fair for FOAC. This time FOAC parked in the infield grass where we had plenty of spectators. The weather was great for both days and with 35 spots to fill we had all of our spots filled both days. With the better parking location, we also signed up 16 new members over the two day event.

This years winners were judged by Carolina Muscle and they are:

Rex Honeycutt-70 Torino GT
    Doug Austin-79 Ford Truck
    Doug Stuart-65 Mustang Fastback
    Jerry Sellers-66 Fairlane
    Ken Tompkins-05 Mustang GT
    Jr. Thomas-07 Shelby GT 500
    Paul Caudell-02 Mustang

    Best Of Show-Joel Allen-69 F-100 Ranger

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101_2238.JPG (345kb) 101_2239.JPG (364kb) 101_2240.JPG (308kb) 101_2241.JPG (354kb) 101_2242.JPG (347kb) 101_2243.JPG (294kb)
101_2244.JPG (329kb) 101_2245.JPG (321kb) 101_2246.JPG (327kb) 101_2247.JPG (305kb) 101_2248.JPG (300kb) 101_2249.JPG (356kb)
101_2250.JPG (369kb) 101_2251.JPG (341kb) 101_2252.JPG (356kb) 101_2253.JPG (346kb) 101_2254.JPG (346kb) 101_2255.JPG (334kb)
101_2256.JPG (344kb) 101_2257.JPG (361kb) 101_2258.JPG (331kb) 101_2259.JPG (329kb) 101_2260.JPG (320kb) 101_2261.JPG (309kb)
101_2262.JPG (340kb) 101_2263.JPG (344kb) 101_2264.JPG (396kb) 101_2265.JPG (387kb) 101_2266.JPG (342kb) 101_2268.JPG (372kb)
101_2269.JPG (361kb) 101_2270.JPG (370kb) 101_2271.JPG (315kb) 101_2272.JPG (390kb) 101_2273.JPG (370kb) 101_2274.JPG (386kb)
101_2275.JPG (386kb) 101_2278.JPG (376kb) 101_2279.JPG (290kb) 101_2280.JPG (331kb) 101_2281.JPG (334kb) 101_2283.JPG (315kb)
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