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Mustang Week


FOAC members invade North Myrtle Beach for Mustang Week 2009. Mike Hughes, Carroll Puckett, Denniss Scuderra, Mark Young, Barry Stone, Barry King, Don & Gwen Miller with Allison & Daniel, Robert & Alexandra Orzesu, Frankie DeFeo, Buster Moore, Don Moore, Mike & Lori Williams, and James & Lori Sipes.

We also picked up four new members while at Mustang Week. Ronnie Bentley with RoushYates Parts, Kenny Troutman from KT Engineering, and Jim Broome and Jeff Brown.

Don and Ronnie were working so they didn't have a Mustang with them but they did have the Twisted Cheeto at their trailer. Dennis Scuderra's Shelby was on display with the Shelby Performance Tent, James Sipes' Roush was on display with Frankie DeFeo's venture Croftgate USA, and Barry King, Barry Stone, and Mark Young had their ponies on display with the Ford Racing transporter.

Members Mike Hughes, Carroll Puckett, Mike Williams, Buster Moore, Frankie DeFeo, Don Miller, and Jim Broome all won awards with their Mustangs.

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