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Nazareth Children's Show


FOAC members brought 8 of the 130 cars that attended the 13th annual Nazareth Children's Home Car Show. While we were at the show that number grew to 9 as Bobby & Margaret Brown joined FOAC with a 1940 Ford pick-up aka Purple Pearl. FOAC also picked up 2 more new members Daniel Basinger who has a 93 Mustang under restoration and Timmy Earnhardt who is having a new powerplant put in his Mustang vert.

Members attending were Doug Small, Dallas & Helen Talbert, Jerry & Josh Sellers, Wayne, Tracy, Mitchell, & Cayla Starnes, Steve Silsby, Buster Moore, Scott, Jenifer, & Blaze Shoe, and James & Lori Sipes.

Awards were given out fo rthe "Top 40" with FOAC members taking 4 of them. Jerry Sellers, Bobby Brown, Doug Small, and James Sipes all took home awards.

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IMG_0710.JPG (308kb) IMG_0711.JPG (310kb) IMG_0712.JPG (303kb) IMG_0713.JPG (312kb) IMG_0714.JPG (314kb) IMG_0715.JPG (314kb)
IMG_0716.JPG (308kb) IMG_0717.JPG (310kb) IMG_0718.JPG (303kb) IMG_0719.JPG (324kb) IMG_0720.JPG (333kb) IMG_0721.JPG (306kb)
IMG_0722.JPG (331kb) IMG_0723.JPG (309kb) IMG_0724.JPG (277kb) IMG_0725.JPG (305kb) IMG_0726.JPG (320kb) IMG_0727.JPG (331kb)
IMG_0728.JPG (293kb) IMG_0729.JPG (304kb) IMG_0730.JPG (260kb) IMG_0731.JPG (306kb) IMG_0732.JPG (319kb) IMG_0733.JPG (348kb)
IMG_0734.JPG (335kb) IMG_0735.JPG (292kb) IMG_0736.JPG (319kb) IMG_0737.JPG (307kb) IMG_0739.JPG (271kb) Nz09_ 001.jpg (294kb)
Nz09_ 002.jpg (288kb) Nz09_ 003.jpg (258kb) Nz09_ 004.jpg (281kb) Nz09_ 005.jpg (273kb) Nz09_ 006.jpg (302kb) Nz09_ 007.jpg (268kb)
Nz09_ 008.jpg (271kb) Nz09_ 009.jpg (277kb) Nz09_ 011.jpg (215kb) Nz09_ 012.jpg (247kb) Nz09_ 013.jpg (306kb) Nz09_ 014.jpg (214kb)
Nz09_ 015.jpg (289kb) Nz09_ 017.jpg (284kb) Nz09_ 018.jpg (293kb) Nz09_ 019.jpg (292kb) Nz09_ 020.jpg (276kb) Nz09_ 021.jpg (298kb)
Nz09_ 022.jpg (290kb) Nz09_ 023.jpg (286kb) Nz09_ 024.jpg (232kb) Nz09_ 025.jpg (242kb) Nz09_ 028.jpg (313kb) Nz09_ 029.jpg (316kb)
Nz09_ 030.jpg (309kb) Nz09_ 031.jpg (273kb) Nz09_ 034.jpg (276kb) Nz09_ 036.jpg (228kb) Nz09_ 038.jpg (261kb) Nz09_ 041.jpg (286kb)
Nz09_ 042.jpg (242kb) Nz09_ 043.jpg (203kb) Nz09_ 044.jpg (291kb) Nz09_ 045.jpg (254kb) Nz09_ 046.jpg (248kb) Nz09_ 047.jpg (256kb)
Nz09_ 048.jpg (267kb) Nz09_ 049.jpg (261kb) Nz09_ 050.jpg (291kb) Nz09_ 051.jpg (225kb) Nz09_ 052.jpg (274kb) Nz09_ 053.jpg (250kb)
Nz09_ 055.jpg (289kb) Nz09_ 056.jpg (284kb) Nz09_ 057.jpg (296kb) Nz09_ 058.jpg (308kb) Nz09_ 059.jpg (244kb) Nz09_ 060.jpg (210kb)
Nz09_ 061.jpg (274kb) Nz09_ 062.jpg (261kb) Nz09_ 063.jpg (298kb) Nz09_ 064.jpg (301kb) Nz09_ 065.jpg (271kb) Nz09_ 066.jpg (263kb)
Nz09_ 067.jpg (268kb) Nz09_ 068.jpg (234kb) Nz09_ 069.jpg (282kb) Nz09_ 072.jpg (277kb) Nz09_ 075.jpg (223kb) Nz09_ 077.jpg (255kb)
Nz09_ 078.jpg (280kb) Nz09_ 079.jpg (272kb) Nz09_ 080.jpg (209kb) Nz09_ 081.jpg (258kb) Nz09_ 083.jpg (283kb) Nz09_ 084.jpg (280kb)
Nz09_ 086.jpg (237kb) Nz09_ 087.jpg (230kb) Nz09_ 088.jpg (259kb) Nz09_ 1835.jpg (281kb) Nz09_ 1836.JPG (375kb) Nz09_ 1837.JPG (331kb)
Nz09_ 1839.JPG (393kb)