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Several FOAC members attended the Roush Yates Cruise-In at the Roush Yates engine shop in Mooresville on what started out looking like a dismal day, but turned out to be a beautiful Saturday. For a little while it looked like it was a Mustang cruise-in but eventually other Fords started arriving including a couple Ford trucks. Members enjoyed a live DJ, BBQ, and some members went up to the parts store and watched a couple Mustangs run on a chassis dyno.

FOAC member and owner of RoushYates Engines Doug Yates made an appearance and Robert Yates also came and checked out all the Fords. Thanks to Don, Ronnie, Jimbo, Jamie, and Julie for their effort putting on this event.

New FOAC sponsor Mooresville Ford brought 2 new 2010 Mustangs out for everyone to check out.

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IMG_3372.JPG (220kb) IMG_3373.JPG (258kb) IMG_3374.JPG (235kb) IMG_3375.JPG (244kb) IMG_3376.JPG (220kb) IMG_3377.JPG (255kb)
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IMG_3399.JPG (269kb) IMG_3400.JPG (264kb) IMG_3401.JPG (276kb) IMG_3402.JPG (269kb) IMG_3403.JPG (281kb) IMG_3404.JPG (248kb)
IMG_3405.JPG (266kb) IMG_3406.JPG (249kb) IMG_3407.JPG (239kb) IMG_3408.JPG (262kb) IMG_3409.JPG (263kb) IMG_3411.JPG (253kb)
IMG_3412.JPG (311kb) IMG_3413.JPG (206kb) IMG_3414.JPG (216kb) IMG_3415.JPG (247kb) IMG_3416.JPG (201kb) IMG_3417.JPG (172kb)
IMG_3418.JPG (255kb) IMG_3419.JPG (264kb) IMG_3424.JPG (205kb) IMG_3425.JPG (170kb) IMG_3426.JPG (224kb) IMG_3427.JPG (223kb)
IMG_3428.JPG (224kb) IMG_3429.JPG (216kb) IMG_3430.JPG (248kb) IMG_3433.JPG (270kb) IMG_3434.JPG (228kb) IMG_3435.JPG (315kb)
IMG_3436.JPG (286kb) IMG_3437.JPG (248kb) IMG_3438.JPG (288kb) IMG_3439.JPG (248kb) IMG_3440.JPG (243kb) IMG_3441.JPG (261kb)
IMG_3442.JPG (247kb) IMG_3443.JPG (239kb) IMG_3444.JPG (253kb) IMG_3445.JPG (251kb) IMG_3446.JPG (254kb) IMG_3447.JPG (285kb)
IMG_3448.JPG (239kb) IMG_3449.JPG (256kb) IMG_3450.JPG (262kb) IMG_3452.JPG (251kb) IMG_3453.JPG (258kb) IMG_3454.JPG (228kb)
IMG_3456.JPG (186kb) IMG_3459.JPG (210kb) IMG_3461.JPG (268kb) IMG_4001.JPG (236kb)