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Sunshine Street Festival 2009

On Saturday, May 9th, FOAC members Jerry Ward, Wayne and Mitchell Starnes, Jerry and Josh Sellers, and Buster Moore travelled to meet fellow member Doug Small in Asheboro for the annual Sunshine Street Festival and Car Show. Awards were given in three catagories; "Best Of Show", "Best Interior", and "Best Exterior", with trophies for the top 3 in each. 3 cars split the awards, with Jerry taking "Best Of Show"-1st place, "Best Interior"-3rd place, and "Best Exterior"-3rd place. Wayne took home "Best Of Show"-3rd place, "Best Interior"-2nd place, and "Best Exterior"-2nd place. The others were won by an International Scout "Shorty". Congratulations to all of the winners. We also picked up 2 new members there. Also, one of the "Mayberry Deputies" took some time to hang out with us.

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101_1696.jpg (1,035kb) 101_1697.jpg (1,139kb) 101_1699.jpg (1,006kb) 101_1700.jpg (1,035kb) 101_1701.jpg (972kb) 101_1702.jpg (960kb)
101_1703.jpg (1,028kb) 101_1704.jpg (895kb) 101_1705.jpg (1,197kb) 101_1706.jpg (1,088kb) 101_1707.jpg (1,180kb) 101_1708.jpg (1,161kb)
101_1709.jpg (870kb) 101_1710.jpg (1,077kb) 101_1711.jpg (1,082kb) 101_1712.jpg (1,156kb) 101_1714.jpg (786kb) 101_1715.jpg (953kb)
101_1716.jpg (1,201kb) 101_1717.jpg (1,030kb) 101_1718.jpg (1,246kb) 101_1719.jpg (792kb)