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Dallas & Helen's Show 2010

It was a beautiful day for a car show in Concord, as Dallas & Helen Talbert hosted their 4th annual show. FOAC members Greg Estep, Don Miller, Jim Broome, Wayne Starnes, Jerry Ward, Jerry Sellers, Buck Little, Joe Picirillo, Buster & Vickie Moore, Reid Goodman, and Amador Medina & Arleen Montalvo took their cars and trucks to enjoy the day together. Tracy Starnes also came out to visit for a while.There were over 120 cars & trucks attending, with awards going to the Top 20, plus Dallas' Pick and Helen's Pick. Wayne and Buck each took home a top 20, while new member Jim Shepherd got Dallas' Pick. Thanks to all of the FOAC Members that attended, and Congratulations to all of the winners.

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101_3227.JPG (334kb) 101_3228.JPG (335kb) 101_3229.JPG (328kb) 101_3230.JPG (350kb) 101_3231.JPG (342kb) 101_3232.JPG (359kb)
101_3233.JPG (372kb) 101_3234.JPG (354kb) 101_3235.JPG (358kb) 101_3236.JPG (366kb) 101_3237.JPG (362kb) 101_3238.JPG (347kb)
101_3239.JPG (337kb) 101_3240.JPG (349kb) 101_3241.JPG (346kb) 101_3242.JPG (350kb) 101_3243.JPG (378kb) 101_3244.JPG (368kb)
101_3245.JPG (349kb) 101_3246.JPG (308kb) 101_3247.JPG (326kb) 101_3248.JPG (338kb) 101_3249.JPG (350kb) 101_3250.JPG (285kb)
101_3251.JPG (358kb) 101_3252.JPG (338kb) 101_3253.JPG (369kb) 101_3254.JPG (324kb) 101_3255.JPG (350kb) 101_3256.JPG (360kb)
101_3257.JPG (349kb) 101_3258.JPG (343kb) 101_3259.JPG (355kb) 101_3260.JPG (328kb) 101_3261.JPG (362kb) 101_3262.JPG (311kb)
101_3263.JPG (369kb) 101_3264.JPG (347kb) 101_3265.JPG (335kb) 101_3266.JPG (355kb) 101_3267.JPG (343kb)