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Food Lion Fall Auto Fair 2010

With a new assigned parking area, FOAC members had plenty of room to spread out for a change. We had 45 spots but room for a few more. TV 36 News had their van parked in our area Sunday morning but at least it was a Ford van. The trade off was their camera man walking around the members cars and gathering footage to air on News 36.

Members spent time shopping, walking around checking out some nice rides, and just sitting around under the tents socializing and to get out of the sun. sunday afternoon we enjoyed lunch from Sticky Fingers.

Congratulation to all our winners and to Jim Shepherd for Best of Show with his 1954 Ford.

Thanks to Damian Miszuk for providing the pictures from this event.

With another successful Auto Fair in the rear view mirror it's time for members to start looking forward to the 2011 Blue Oval Classic.
DSCN0226.jpg (211kb) DSCN0227.jpg (167kb) DSCN0229.jpg (159kb) DSCN0230.jpg (165kb) DSCN0231.jpg (245kb) DSCN0232.jpg (236kb)
DSCN0233.jpg (248kb) DSCN0234.jpg (247kb) DSCN0235.jpg (274kb) DSCN0236.jpg (249kb) DSCN0237.jpg (263kb) DSCN0238.jpg (279kb)
DSCN0239.jpg (279kb) DSCN0240.jpg (296kb) DSCN0241.jpg (243kb) DSCN0242.jpg (262kb) DSCN0243.jpg (211kb) DSCN0244.jpg (272kb)
DSCN0245.jpg (295kb) DSCN0246.jpg (267kb) DSCN0247.jpg (266kb) DSCN0248.jpg (270kb) DSCN0249.jpg (267kb) DSCN0250.jpg (274kb)
DSCN0251.jpg (238kb) DSCN0252.jpg (268kb) DSCN0253.jpg (279kb) DSCN0254.jpg (246kb) DSCN0255.jpg (249kb) DSCN0256.jpg (196kb)
DSCN0257.jpg (231kb) DSCN0258.jpg (272kb) DSCN0259.jpg (269kb) DSCN0260.jpg (270kb) DSCN0261.jpg (264kb) DSCN0262.jpg (279kb)
DSCN0263.jpg (276kb) DSCN0264.jpg (278kb) DSCN0265.jpg (290kb) DSCN0266.jpg (276kb) DSCN0267.jpg (276kb) DSCN0268.jpg (245kb)
DSCN0269.jpg (257kb) DSCN0270.jpg (164kb) DSCN0271.jpg (210kb) DSCN0272.jpg (233kb) DSCN0273.jpg (223kb) DSCN0274.jpg (233kb)
DSCN0275.jpg (198kb) DSCN0276.jpg (239kb) DSCN0277.jpg (236kb) DSCN0278.jpg (299kb) DSCN0279.jpg (281kb) DSCN0280.jpg (253kb)
DSCN0281.jpg (161kb) DSCN0282.jpg (333kb) DSCN0283.jpg (257kb) DSCN0284.jpg (261kb) DSCN0285.jpg (194kb) DSCN0286.jpg (264kb)
DSCN0287.jpg (231kb) DSCN0288.jpg (235kb) DSCN0289.jpg (204kb) DSCN0290.jpg (316kb) DSCN0291.jpg (304kb) DSCN0292.jpg (236kb)
DSCN0293.jpg (271kb) DSCN0294.jpg (265kb) DSCN0295.jpg (239kb) DSCN0296.jpg (271kb) DSCN0297.jpg (269kb) DSCN0298.jpg (268kb)
DSCN0299.jpg (248kb) DSCN0300.jpg (253kb) DSCN0301.jpg (228kb) DSCN0302.jpg (246kb) DSCN0303.jpg (187kb) DSCN0304.jpg (276kb)
DSCN0305.jpg (277kb) DSCN0306.jpg (269kb) DSCN0307.jpg (269kb) DSCN0309.jpg (164kb) DSCN0310.jpg (205kb) DSCN0311.jpg (273kb)
DSCN0312.jpg (174kb) DSCN0313.jpg (233kb) DSCN0314.jpg (263kb) DSCN0315.jpg (254kb) DSCN0316.jpg (228kb) DSCN0317.jpg (229kb)
DSCN0318.jpg (204kb) DSCN0319.jpg (279kb) DSCN0320.jpg (290kb) DSCN0322.jpg (273kb) DSCN0323.jpg (252kb) DSCN0325.jpg (271kb)
DSCN0326.jpg (269kb) DSCN0328.jpg (233kb) DSCN0329.jpg (208kb) DSCN0331.jpg (213kb) DSCN0333.jpg (214kb) DSCN0334.jpg (209kb)
DSCN0336.jpg (195kb) DSCN0337.jpg (303kb) DSCN0338.jpg (308kb) DSCN0339.jpg (212kb) DSCN0340.jpg (292kb) DSCN0341.jpg (292kb)
DSCN0342.jpg (292kb)