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Food Lion Spring Auto Fair 2010

We had two chilly mornings to start the 2010 Food Lion Spring Auto Fair but they turned into two beautiful days once the sun started climbing. We had 35 spaces for both days and we filled every spot with the need for more in the fall. FOAC would also like to welcome the 14 new members we picked up during the two day event. Sunday after the awards members enjoyed BBQ from Sticky Fingers.

Judging of the FOAC vehicles was performed by Generations Corvette Club and we thank them for taking time out of their weekend to do this for us. The seven winners were Doug Austin ( 79 F-100 ), Ron Davis ( F-100 ), Rex Honeycutt ( 70 Torino), Doug Stuart ( 66 Mustang ), Dawn Picirillo (74 Gran Torino ), Chris VanHeuveln (Cougar ), and Cathy Markert (70 Torino ). Our Best of Show was a repeat winner Joel Allen's green and white F-100.

Thanks to all the members that attended, showing and those that were just visiting. We look forward to the Fall Auto Fair coming in August.

101_3164.JPG (321kb) 101_3165.JPG (281kb) 101_3166.JPG (344kb) 101_3167.JPG (297kb) 101_3168.JPG (334kb) 101_3169.JPG (317kb)
101_3170.JPG (272kb) 101_3171.JPG (327kb) 101_3172.JPG (332kb) 101_3173.JPG (335kb) 101_3174.JPG (301kb) 101_3175.JPG (277kb)
101_3176.JPG (331kb) 101_3177.JPG (337kb) 101_3178.JPG (349kb) 101_3179.JPG (350kb) IMG_9147.JPG (276kb) IMG_9148.JPG (308kb)
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IMG_9173.JPG (359kb) IMG_9174.JPG (346kb) IMG_9175.JPG (340kb) IMG_9176.JPG (306kb) IMG_9177.JPG (364kb) IMG_9178.JPG (346kb)
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