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Metrolina Expo All Ford Show 2010

The Spring All Ford Show at Metrolina Expo had another great turnout, as about 50+ cars and trucks showed, including over 20 FOAC members attended. Members Wayne, Tracy, & Mitchell Starnes, Jerry Sellers, Jim & Sherry Wyatt, Hardy & Marge DeView, Charlie Farr, Lyle Sturgis, Peter Cavaliere, Greg & Blake Sullins, Andy Markert, Bob Morris, Jim Broome, Doug Austin, Gary Poling, Gary Travis, Gil & Rosie Goldstein, and Buster Moore, all brought vehicles for Ford lovers to enjoy. The winners were:

Jim Broome-Best Mustang

Andy Markert-Best In Class

Jim Wyatt- Best In Class & Peoples' Choice

Sherry Wyatt-Best In Class

Jerry Sellers-Best In Class

Doug Austin-Best In Class & Best Of Show

Buster Moore-Nancy's Choice

    Thanks to all who attended, and congratulations to all of the winners!

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