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RoushYates Performance Parts May Open House

RoushYates Performance Parts held their annual open house during race week at Charlotte. On Sunday afternoon they also held a cruise-in and open house open to all make and model cars. FOAC members had at least half of the 60 cars that attended. Sheet metal from various race cars were on sale, the local boy scouts sold hot dogs, and Front Row Motorsports/Doug Yates driver David Gilliand made an autograph appearance. Several race cars were also on display.

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101_3219.JPG (336kb) 101_3220.JPG (284kb) 101_3221.JPG (331kb) 101_3222.JPG (364kb) 101_3224.JPG (328kb) 101_3225.JPG (342kb)
101_3226.JPG (441kb) 101_3227.JPG (281kb) 101_3228.JPG (307kb) 101_3229.JPG (296kb) 101_3230.JPG (288kb) 101_3231.JPG (334kb)
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101_3251.JPG (349kb) 101_3252.JPG (337kb) 101_3253.JPG (290kb) 101_3254.JPG (377kb) 101_3255.JPG (397kb) 101_3256.JPG (342kb)
101_3257.JPG (328kb) 101_3258.JPG (321kb) 101_3259.JPG (362kb) 101_3260.JPG (368kb) 101_3261.JPG (304kb) 101_3263.JPG (244kb)
101_3265.JPG (245kb) 101_3266.JPG (125kb)