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Trader Marc's 2010

It was cold outside, but we were all parked indoors for the Koss Motorsports Show held at Trader Marc's in Fort Mill, SC. FOAC members Jim Broome, Wayne and Mitchell Starnes, Jerry and Josh Sellers, and Buster Moore all headed south to meet with Joe Picirillo for the show. Member Frankie DeFeo was also there, showing the 'Stang and selling cleaning products. In addition to the wide array of cars, there was also some great entertainment. The 'Sweet Union Roller Girls' held a Roller Derby exhibition, and they had live music from several different bands. The standout group was "The Piedmonts", 3 guys doing Classic Rock and Blues and even an appearance by the king himself, ELVIS.

    With the large number of cars, probably over 125, and the quality, there were some tough choices for the judges. Frankie got 2nd in his class, while the rest of the FOAC guys took home 1st place trophies in their respective classes. Congratulations to all of the winners, and thanks to the FOAC members that came out for the show.

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